BuildFlow offers a SessionDep that be used to create a SQLAlchemy session connected to a database primitive. This session can then be used to query the database. Each session returned by the dependency will be created from a connection that is shared across all processors replicas. To create a SessionDep you must provide the following fields:

db_primitiveThe database prmitive we should connect to. Currently we only support CloudSQLDatabase
db_userThe user name to use for authenticating with the database
db_passwordThe password to use for connecting to the database

The SessionDep returns an object with one field session which is a session connected to your dependency. This object is scoped to your processor so you will get a new session every time your processor is called.

Example usage:

from buildflow.dependencies.sqlalchemy import SessionDep
from import CloudSQLDatabase

cloud_sql_database = CloudSQLDatabase(...)

DB = SessionDep(
    db_primitive=cloud_sql_database, db_user="user", db_password="password"

@app.endpoint("/", method="POST")
def endpoint(dep: DB):
    with dep.session as session: