app = Flow()

service = app.service("my-service")
@service.endpoint("/", method="GET")
def get():
    return "Hello World"

def process(element: Dict[str, Any]):
    return element

@app.collector("/collect", method="POST", sink=AnalysisTable("output-table"))
def collect(request: Dict[str, Any]):
  return element

What is BuildFlow?

BuildFlow is a Python framework that allows you to build your entire backend system using one framework. With our simple decorator pattern you can turn any function into a component of your backend system. Allowing you to serve data over HTTP, dump data to a datastore, or process async data from message queues. All of these can use our built in IO connectors allowing you to create, manage, and connect to your cloud resources using pure Python.

Simply install BuildFlow to get started:

pip install buildflow

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