Congrats! You’ve built your application and now you’re ready to deploy it and have users use it, how should you do this?

Manage BuildFlow with LaunchFlow

LaunchFlow is the fastest way to deploy your BuildFlow project with zero configuration. LaunchFlow gives you all the production best practices to ensure your system is scalable and reliable.

  • Instant deployments with the click of a button
  • Zero down-time updates
  • Observability with built in remote monitoring and logging
  • Automatic HTTPS url pointed at your system


You can also self host your BuildFlow project on any Ray cluster. We recommend deploying to a Ray cluster using the Ray Jobs API like:

ray job submit \
    --runtime-env-json='{"pip": ["requirements.txt"]}' \
    --working-dir . \
    -- buildflow run

Other Services

You can also run your BuildFlow project on any other service that offers managed ray. Such as Anyscale.