User Guides

Deploying from GitHub

You can connect your LaunchFlow project with a GitHub repository to automatically deploy your app whenever a branch is pushed. This is useful for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflows.

To link a LaunchFlow project with a GitHub repository you can visit the GitHub tab on the project page of

GitHub tab

If you have not connected your GitHub account you will need to login using your GitHub credentials.

NOTE: the primary email address of your GitHub account must match the email address of your LaunchFlow account.

Next you will need to add the LaunchFlow GitHub app to your repository to any repositories you want to deploy from. Click the Add GitHub Repositories button to add the app to your repository.

GitHub Install

Once added you will need to link the repository to a LaunchFlow project. You can do this by clicking the Link button next to the repository you wish to deply from.

GitHub Link

Setup Push Rules

After you've linked the repository you can add "Push Rules". Push rules define what environments to deploy to when a branch is pushed. You can add any number of push rules, and can filter push rules to specific services or even to only trigger when certain paths are updated. To add a push rule click the Add Push Rule button, update the settings, and click Save.

GitHub Push Rules

Once your push rules are saved you can push to the branch and your app will automatically deploy!