Deploy, manage, and share cloud infrastructure across multiple cloud providers and environments using Python.

import launchflow as lf
# Automatically deploys to your cloud account
gcp_postgres = lf.gcp.CloudSQLPostgres("gcp-postgres")
aws_postgres ="aws-postgres")
# Ready to use with no additional setup
# FastAPI, Flask, & Django integrations



LaunchFlow enables you to manage your application's infrastructure, secrets, and deployments from Python code. It runs entirely on your local machine and everything is created in your own cloud account. Follow the Get Started Guide to start launching infrastructure on GCP, AWS, and Docker in a matter of minutes.

Core Concepts

Resources allow you to add things like databases, storage, and networking to your application by simply importing them in your code.

Services make it easy to setup Docker registries, load balancers, service containers, and other configuration required to deploy and release your application.

Environments manage the permissions, configuration, and lifecycle of your cloud resources and services.

Get Started

Get Started with LaunchFlow

Example Backend

Create a simple API with LaunchFlow

Framework Integrations

LaunchFlow is framework agnostic and can run wherever Python runs. It also integrates with popular frameworks, allowing you get started faster. See our framework guides for specific examples of how to integrate LaunchFlow into your existing codebase:

Need Help?

If you have any questions or need help getting started, please join our slack community. We are always happy to help and would love to hear from you.