Instantly create / connect to infrastructure in GCP, AWS and Docker. Everything is configured by default.

import launchflow as lf
# Automatically deploys to your cloud account
gcp_postgres = lf.gcp.CloudSQLPostgres("gcp-postgres")
aws_postgres ="aws-postgres")
# Ready to use with no additional setup
# FastAPI, Flask, & Django integrations



LaunchFlow enables you to instantly provision cloud resources and deploy your python backend to the cloud of your choice (GCP, AWS, and Azure) all from python code.

Getting Started

To get started, go to the Quickstart where we will show you how to create a simple FastAPI Service connected to a storage bucket Resource. Once you connect your cloud account, you'll be able to deploy everything to a dedicated Environment with a single command.


Install the launchflow client library and CLI.

Example Backend

See an example backend for how to use LaunchFlow

Manage Environments

Instantly replicate your stack across any number of environments

Manage Resources

Use launchflow to automatically provision resources in your own cloud

Need Help?

If you have any questions or need help getting started, please join our slack community. We are always happy to help and would love to hear from you.


LaunchFlow runs anywhere python runs. LaunchFlow also provides integrations with popular frameworks, allowing you get started faster. See our framework guides for specific examples of how to integrate LaunchFlow into your existing codebase.


LaunchFlow can easily provision different resources directly in your cloud. Right now we currently support provisioning the below resources. We are constantly adding more so if you see something missing please reach out to us on slack and we can get it added right away. View our resources docs for more information.

PostgresCreates a CloudSQL managed Postgres database.Creates an AWS RDS managed Postgres database.
RedisCreates a Memorystore managed Redis Cluster.Creates an AWS ElastiCache managed Redis Cluster.
BucketCreates a GCS bucketCreates a S3 bucket
Pub/SubCreates a GCP Pub/Sub topic and subscriberCreates an AWS SQS queue
Data WarehouseCreates a GCP BigQuery DatasetCreates a DuckDB instance backed by S3
Docker VMsRuns a Docker image on a GCP ComputeEngine VMRuns a Docker image on an AWS EC2 VM
SecretsCreates a secret in GCP SecretManagerCreates a secret in AWS SecretManager